Company data Ltd.

Seat: 2600 Vác, Zichy Hippolyt utca 12.

Company representative: Péter Balogh


Phone: +36 1 998 9123



Company registration data

Name: Szolgáltató Korlátolt felelősségű társaság

Company registration number: 13-09-198371

VAT number: HU26668901-2-13

Registered by Budapest Environs Regional Court.

Exclusion of liability

The Service Provider is not responsible to ensure that the User achieves the intended business purpose by using the Service, nor is the Service Provider responsible for any business profits obtained by the User as a result of using the Service. The Service Provider does not guarantee that clients of the User will use the Service, nor that the User could reach new clients and receive further orders.

The Service Provider is not responsible for provisional malfunction of the Service outside the control or influence of the Service Provider or the resulting damages and loss of income or loss of profits.

Any information, data, file, downloaded or accessed by the User during the use of the Service, is accessible only at the own risk of the User and the Service Provider has no responsibility for such data.

The obligations of the Service Provider stemming from this contract are restricted in scope and amount to the amounts actually paid by the User to the Service Provider for the provision of the Service. The Service Provider is not responsible to any extent for damages or losses that are not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

The User bears sole responsibility for the damages resulting from the breach of the subscription contract or the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. If a third party submits a claim against the Service Provider, the User is required to exempt the Service Provider from any claims.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy